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Krispy Kreme



Krispy Kreme wanted to generate of awareness of their newest partnership with iconic American candy brand, Hershey's and the launch of the new Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme doughnut.


Through social listening, we discovered a fascinating insight; people struggled to pronounce and spell the Kreme in Krispy Kreme. Thousands of people on social were debating the correct pronunciation, "was it krem or cream?" and with the launch of the new Cookies 'n' Creme doughnut, we saw a golden opportunity to create one the most audaidous April Fools stunts ever attempted. 

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Using the insight from our social listening as a foundation, we began to fuel the debate around the correct way to pronounce the Kreme, and we took to social media and the streets of London to get people talking about it. 

With a national debate reignited, and two days before April 1st, we made our move through a branded video featuring our fictitious Krispy Kreme representative (Micheal 'O.G' Davis) who informed the nation (that due to the confusion over the name) we were rebranding from Kreme to Cream.  We knew a video wouldn't be enough, so to add further weight to the campaign we rebranded a Krispy Kreme store in South West London with the new logo across signs, boxes and uniforms.

On the 1st of April, we revealed the hoax while announcing the launch of the Hershey's partnership with the new doughnut, helping people go from duped to delight in a second.   



Krispy Cream sign


Our name change announcement generated 48 pieces of coverage, with a reach of 12 million readers, coverage included features from Buzzfeed,, The Huffington Post, MSN, OK! Magazine and Capital FM

Campaign videos, images and social posts reached over 2 million people, with the majority based in the UK

The annoucement content was viewed over 620k times across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and we received a massive 9k comments across all our channels